Women’s Work Men’s Cultures

Overcoming Resistance and Changing Organizational Cultures

About the Book

Corporate diversity programs often fail because of resistance in workplace culture. Sarah sets out an approach to real change by analysing the role of organizational cultures in marginalising women workers. Based on academic research, case studies and interviews, the author presents a new model for changing organizational culture.


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“Academically informed and yet refreshingly to the point, this book is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in the areas of ‘organization and gender’, organizational culture, management , gender equality in work life or diversity management. Sarah Rutherford is a very sharp and truly inspiring writer!”

Pia Höök Associate Professor, Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm and Diversity Director Volvo Group

“Given the slow pace of women’s advancement to executive levels and corporate boards, Sarah Rutherford’s book, reflecting both a personal and academic journey, is timely and important. Her analysis of men’s cultures and the challenges raised for motivated and talented women, and men, is powerful and rings true. Her cultural model is a great place to start change, since the few questions she poses are basic to individual and organizational health. I highly recommend it anyone interested in developing more engaging and productive workplaces.”

Ronald J. Burke Professor Emeritus of Organizational Studies,
Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

“This book gets under the skin of organisational culture – showing how it is at the root of women’s lack of progress in the workplace. Rutherford asks the uncomfortable questions about what it will take to change organisational fabric to harness the potential of a truly diverse workforce.”

“This is an excellent read for anyone ready to ask the ‘tough questions’ about inequality in the workplace.”

People Management
"Tough questions for men about gender equality"