Organisations set off on the journey of diversity from different points. Many require an initial diagnosis or needs analysis to inform their strategy and pinpoint areas which may need attention. This may include an employee survey, in the design of which RA has specific expertise and experience. Dr Rutherford has developed her own model of organizational culture for use in diagnosing and assessing the diversity needs of organizations, particularly in identifying the ways in which seemingly neutral cultures are gendered.

Case studies

Advice on strategy

RA assists organizations in the development of both national and global diversity strategy. Some may require a policy implementation plan and some may want advice on specific areas of diversity with their organization.

Case studies

Training and Coaching

RA designs and delivers bespoke workshops to individual organizations. These may be on diversity, culture change, or specific areas such as diversity in recruitment, flexible working or sexual harassment. All are informed by sound research. RA believes in the value of individual coaching to senior executives and to those in the diversity function, for which there are high expectations with little formal training. This can be a cost-effective way of introducing knowledge of the issues into the organization and providing leadership with the confidence to promote diversity.

Research projects

Dr Rutherford's experience in research gives a unique edge to the consultancy service. She has built on the foundation of her Ph.D. which explored the impact of different organizational cultures on women managers (Bristol 1999) and which has been published in several academic journals.

Case studies

Internal Research projects

Dr Rutherford’s academic credentials means any internal research that RA undertakes for organizations is of the highest standard. Research projects for individual companies include culture and equality audits (see above) as well as research on specific issues.


Rutherford Associates holds external seminars in central London for small groups of professionals on aspects of diversity and organizational culture. Dr Rutherford uses expert knowledge and insight gained from her own research and other contemporary research. The seminars provide opportunities for organizations to share their knowledge and experience and debate some of the issues.

The seminars are designed for those in a diversity function or managers with an interest in and/or responsibility for diversity in their team as well as those specialists who want to increase their knowledge of specific areas of diversity work, e.g. culture change.

Over sixty organizations from both public and private sectors have participated in the external seminars, including Barclays Bank, RBS, DirectLine, Comet, Ernst & Young, FSA, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, and the BBC.

The next external seminars will be held in central London in the autumn and will focus on culture change. Please contact us if you would like more information or have any interest in attending.

Online Gender Culture Audit

Make this the year you develop an inclusive culture

Rutherford Associates online employee survey is the most comprehensive and accessible gender culture audit on the market. Designed and developed by Dr Sarah Rutherford from years of academic and commercial research, its results will pinpoint the issues and areas in your organization that may need culture change interventions.

This means that programmes and training can be directed where they are needed. The audit can then be used as an internal benchmark to check progress.

The survey is divided into six clear sections and mirrors the structure of Dr Rutherford’s book Women’s Work Men’s Cultures.

The survey covers Gender Awareness, Management Style, Work/Life, Time Management, Informal Socialising and Sexuality. It is designed for any number of employees from 100 to 10,000 and more, is quick (two weeks given for completion and results back to you in the next two weeks) and the results will be presented in report format with key recommendations. By designing a standard format (tried and tested on very different companies) we can provide the service at incredible value.

Alternatively if you are a consultant and would like to use the survey for your own clients we can provide licensing opportunities.

To find out more contact us today.